Mt Kilimanjaro Located on the Northern part of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, or Kilimakyaro, stands at 5896 meters above sea level. Formed over 500 000 years ago, this stratovolcano consists of three volcanic cones, namely KIBO, SHIRAand MAWENZI. Vegetation on the mountain varies from tropical rainforests to alpine desert, depending on the altitude. Temperatures on the mountain are extreme, and fauna and flora vary depending on how high up the mountain one is. In addition to being the highest mountain in Africa continent, Kilimanjaro is also the tallest free mountain on earth that can be climb by individuals who are not professional in mountaineering.


There are a number of routes up the Shining Mountain, the most renowned of which being the Machame and Marangu Routes. On the Marangu Routeyou will be able to enjoy the comfort of bunk bedded huts and solar power, whilst on theMachame route only tented accommodation is available. Although more rustic, this route is less direct than Marangu and allows you to take in more of the spectacular mountain scenery. In addition there are also a number of less travelled routes including the Rongai, Londrosi and Lemosho Routes. Ultimately, choice of route should be based on personal preference.
The peaks of Kilimanjaro burn like coals in the fading light of the African sun. TheMt Kilimanjaro climb is very spectacular and brings good memories of the highest roof of Africa.

Read our Kilimanjaro climb preparation guide here!

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